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Discourse – Free Linux Forum Software

Discourse is a free open source, simple, modern, extraordinarily powerful and feature-rich community discussion software. It works as a mailing list, discussion forum as well as long-form chat room. Its front-end is designed using JavaScript and it’s powered by the Ember.js framework and the back end is developed with Ruby on Rails backed by a PostgreSQL database and Redis cache.

Discourse was designed with high-resolution touch devices in mind and switches automatically to a mobile layout for small screens. It supports dynamic notifications, community moderation, social login,  reply via email, spam blocking, emojis, and badges etc. It comes with a trust system and much more.

Discourse – Free Linux Forum Software

Features include:

  • Simple and flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line.
  • Dynamic Notifications and Infinite scrolling.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Spam blocking.
  • Trust system with 4 levels – Basic, Member, Regular, and Leader. They help to:
    • Sandbox new users in your community so they don’t do stupid things.
    • Grant experienced users more rights over time, so they can help other members to maintain and moderate the community.
  • Social login.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Official plugins that extend functionality.
  • One-click upgrades.
  • SEO optimized for Google indexing and searching.
  • Tags – when users create topics they can optionally attach tags.
  • Markdown, BBCode, and HTML formatting in posts
  • Automatic backups.
  • CDN and themes support.
  • Blog integration.
  • Automatic & custom avatars.
  • Email invitations and Mailing list support.
  • Full page search.
  • Comprehensive API.
  • Summarize topics.
  • Drag and drop attachments.
  • Admin Dashboard shows the most relevant and essential community health metrics right at the top, as well as trending searches.
  • Internationalization support i.e translations are available for 25 languages.

So overall, Discourse is simple, modern, awesome and fun, and has a one-click upgrade feature, once installed. Also, its the best forum for you if you want the same features as given above on your forum web site.

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