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TOP 5 Linux Based Distributions

Let’s get more information about known Linux based distributions used in Desktop and Server environments.


Ubuntu is a user-friendly, free Linux based operating system. Users can use it for both desktop systems and servers. It’s easy to install and has many features as per business demands. It includes Web Browser, documents, spreadsheets, presentation software as well as instant messaging. Users can keep the system updated to the latest version as it has regular updates and new releases. Ubuntu is based on Debian. Ubuntu is based on Debian.


Fedora is one more free Linux based OS. Its preloaded with many opensource applications such as Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird etc. Fedora is the second-most commonly used Linux distribution, after Ubuntu. Fedora is based on Red Hat Linux.


Debian is a free Linux based OS known for its high number of software options. They offer more than 18000 software packages developed for eleven different computer architectures. Hence it’s more versatile and customizable as per users requirements. Software packages offered in this OS contains standard web browsers, scientific tools, language interpreters and many more.


GNOME is a free Linux based desktop GUI environment. It is responsible for providing resources to developers for building new applications, software, and education for end users. The GNOME 3 desktop was designed with the goal of being simple, user-friendly, easy to access, and reliable.


RedHat is a popular Linux based system providing many opensource enterprise Linux software, with high performing Linux, cloud, container etc.  It can be used for both desktop systems and servers. Although it performs better in a server environment. This offers a collection of productivity software as well as easy-to-use and reliable options for managing multiple servers. Its free community version is called CentOS.

From all the above free available Linux based operating systems, business owners can get it for free and they will get access to a large number of available software packages.




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