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Linux Productivity Software and Tools

There are many Linux productivity software and tools available today, we are going to discuss a few of them in this article.


LastPass-Linux Productivity Software and Tools

LastPass is the best Linux Password Manager which acts as a password administrator as well as creator. You can lock your secret codes and password in a protected vault. You can install it on your system with user id and password, once you logged in all the saved details will be auto-filled by LastPass itself once you accessed or saved the site in your browser.

This is mostly used by organizations to save client details which can be shared among multiple LastPass users created by that organization.



actiTIME-Linux Productivity Software and Tools

This is a ‘clock software’. actiTIME is a multitasking program that manages work assignments. It creates scope for the tasks, assigns them for the team and informs all team members about the task and working hours. This software is very useful for organizations to record employees working hours on assigned tasks.

You can try its 30 days trial here.



f.lux-Linux Productivity Software and Tools

During the daylight, the computer screen looks good and does not irritate the eyes because the screen is compatible with the sun. But, at night, the same screen irritates your eyes. f.lux gives the best solution to this problem by making the color of a computer’s display adjustable to the nighttime, comfortably warm into the night as the sun fades away.

Refer to this guide for f.lux installation URL:



OSMO-Linux Productivity Software and Tools

This productivity software works as a personal arranger. It consists of modules such as contacts, calendar, tasks list and reminders, and notes. This software can run without an internet connection and you can also run it on the screen style or in the background style. Osmo provides many formatting and configuration options for saving events, ideas, birthdays, addresses, ideas, events, and many more. Moreover, it has a convenient searching box that allows you to get access to essential information.

You can download OSMO from URL:


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