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Linux Text-Based Web Browsers – Part II

In the previous article, we have learned about W3m and Lynx text-based web browsers. Please check them out at URL Linux Text-Based Web Browsers -Part I.

We have used commands and procedures compatible with the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system.

You can open a Linux terminal through the dashboard or by pressing  Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut. After this install one of the following web browser tool :

Links2 Web Browser


To install w3m web browser enter the following command in terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install links2

Enter Y when the system prompts you to continue the installation and then Links2 web browser is installed successfully on your system.

Links2-Linux Text-Based Web Browsers -Part II

To verify installation run the following command in a terminal which will display the version installation options of Links2.

$ links2 -version

To browse the internet you have to use the following syntax in a terminal.

$ links2 [URL]


$ links2

Once you enter this command, the terminal display will show you this output.

You can access a link or move to the search bar by double-clicking it.

eLinks Web Browser


In order to install Lynx web browser, run following command in a terminal with root user login.

$ sudo apt-get install elinks

Enter Y when the system prompts you to continue with installation and eLink web browser will be installed successfully on your system.


To verify installation check the version of Lynx installed by using the following command :

$ elinks -version

To browse the Internet through the Lynx utility use following syntax :

$ elinks [URL]


$ elinks

The output screen for above example will be as follows :
elinks-Linux Text-Based Web Browsers

You can then search for a keyword or text through this search engine.

Note: The terminal emulator Xterm ables to display images in the search results.

Using these four (Part I URL –…-browsers-part-i/) command line tools,  you can easily browse the Internet without using the graphical web browsers on Ubuntu systems. While using text-based browsing you don’t have to worry about ads, javascript, and unwanted images.






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