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The Best Linux Software For Network and Server Management – Part I

In this article, we are going to study the best Linux software for network and server management which can help system admins or support staff to get an idea about server issues. They will receive a notification in time for any service or network failure on the server. It’s very important to take immediate action on such service failures which can cause downtime to the clients who have hosted their sites on that server/network. Hence Network and Server Management Tools play a very important role in the IT infrastructure of any company.

Here is the list of some popular Network and Server Management Tools :

SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer(NTA)

NTA-Network and Server Management

Netflow Traffic Analyzer is working as both traffic analyzer as well as bandwidth monitoring tool. Network traffic analyzer provides a user with clear visibility to network monitoring activities and allows for easy traffic pattern discovery. This is a fast monitoring tool which has a high potential to get fast troubleshooting, greater visibility and a good understanding of current network status. Any strange network flows and patterns can be determined quickly and easily, this allows support staff to take necessary actions as soon as problems are detected.

For a free trial version go here. Pricing starts at $1,915, contact SolarWinds for a quote.


PRTG Linux Network Monitor

PRTG-Network and Server Management

This one is a great network monitoring tool which also monitors the Linux components that it resides in. PRTG notifies your team whenever the threshold values exceeded. This helps the team to keep a continuous watch on the network, traffic, and connections. This Network Monitor is able to monitor both Windows and Linux machines, and can be installed on Windows and Linux servers.

Trial downloads of PRTG Network Monitor are available here. Pricing starts at $1,600 for 500 sensors, and a full price list is given here.



Zabbix is an opensource software, it is free to use. It has a customizable problem detection system as well. Users need to define sites they want to monitor and at what point an alert should be sent. You will also be notified by Zabbix system on the given email address for any service alerts. Zabbix also generates real-time meaningful graphs which helps to determine traffic rate and allows entire configured systems/servers to run smoothly.

Zabbix can be downloaded for free from here.

Please visit our articles Network and Server Management Part II and Part III to know about more Linux based network and server Management Tools when they are available.


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